40 something dating rules

Clever choice in venues which made everyone feel at ease. These events are a perfect way to break up the working week.

Find your romantic connection midweek whilst still keeping your weekends open! Our South Eastern Speed Dating happens every Tuesday night in the South East!

Diligent people schedule their rest and relaxation so that they do not inadvertently become victims of the seductive character of indolence.

try to do that which needs to be done without delay, and schedule my periods of sleep, rest, and relaxation.

Such a fun night with an even ratio of girls:guys (so rare with other companies) Tommy..

Click to read the full review ~ Singles Trivia Night ~ Had such an amazingly fun night at singles trivia night last week!!

Never done anything like it before but I’ll be sure to get along to another night..

Click to read the full review ~ CBD Midweek Speed Dating ~ What an experience!

Our events cater for people of all ages who want to find new single friends, romance or just want to have an amazing night out with others who are also single.Being that the item did not come into your possession as a result of outright stealing, it technically does not fall under the commandment of "Do not steal." However, in many cases, this would fall under another Torah prohibition against "cheating" (onah). 227:1) There is another reason to return to the store and pay.As derived from Leviticus , we are obligated to pay for an item if we were inadvertently undercharged, or not charged at all. It is a great opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of "Kiddush Hashem" -- sanctifying God's Name.The host knew how to get the party started and by the end it was all laughs and…Click to read the full review ~ Double Trouble Speed Dating ~ Had a great night out, something completely different to what I’m use to.

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