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The bottom line here is that it’s not enough to just shake hands and say you’re partners, do something with the partnership.

Strength in Numbers Running a small business is hard.

I think that is why the small business community is so strong.

Small Business Week is a perfect example of that strength.

What is common to these communities is that the people that make them up are drawn by shared interests and goals. The industries and businesses are not interchangeable, but the experience is the same.

Our hometowns, current cities, neighborhoods, churches, and schools are all communities. We’ve built businesses, followed our dreams, struggled and hopefully, eventually succeeded.

Reach out to your partner and work on cross promotions.These are partners that serve your same ideal customer and that you feel 100% confident that you would send your best customer to by way of referral.Secondly, these partnerships take time and effort to develop.In networking situations, you build trust with potential customers and business partners because it’s not an environment where selling happens, it arises organically.Don’t be pushy, but seize an opportunity if it presents itself.

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