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You get paid for every click a visitor makes on these ads.

You sign up to a provider and they give you a code for you to place on your site.

For example, space at the beginning and end of articles/blog posts are highly visible, so by putting a PPC in these positions may increase the chances of someone clicking on one.

If on the other hand you place these ads at the bottom of the page where nobody can see them, then nobody will click on them.

There are many different ways to generate money with your website online.

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Google Ad Sense is the most widely used provider of this service, but there are many others out there.Pay Per Click (PPC) ads vary in profitability depending on the amount of traffic your website gets.Only a small percentage of people will click on these ads, so to earn a lot of money from them you will need a lot of traffic.Perfect for long road trips or pajama days at home! So much fun when layered with a plaid or denim shirt and fun jewelry! If you are like me, you probably have a gift closet. Keeping a well-stocked gift closet is a big deal for me!

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