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21 — the day after Samberg hosts the 2015 Emmy Awards. The hilarious 37-year-old Saturday Night Live alum and his 33-year-old musician wife have been going strong for seven years and will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on Sept.Andy Samberg As Samberg turns 36 years old today we have a look at the ladies in his life and as it turns out- there have not been that many.Samberg dated musician Joanna Newsom for five years before he finally popped the question in Febuary 2013. And the granddaddy of all them all — alt prom king and queen Adam Samberg and Joanna Newsom.Then comes the uh huh moment when you realize they are just too perfect for words. "He had the biggest crush on her," the source revealed. Their is something beyond adorable about the thought of Samberg standing in the audience, like anyone else, and being absolutely clueless about the fact that the beautiful harp-playing performer on stage would one day become his wife.And the most important thing is that they both agree.

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Now, if only Kaling and Novak would get on board with this whole getting married and staying together forever thing.Tuesday afternoon the new dad hit Fox's panel today in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association summer press tour for his show,which is entering its fifth season. And the star has learned one important lessons about infants so far. They held the ceremony at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif. But we're guessing those colorful displays can't beat the sparks many celebrity couples share.It's cliché, but you start to ask yourself, "Do they even find me attractive? You learn quickly that famous ladies are very similar—if not exactly the same—to nonfamous ladies. "In the past, when I've purportedly dated a famous woman, there's always been a mysticism about it.

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