Ang dating dalan

War historians considered the bombing of Fort Stotsenburg on 8 December 1941 at p.m.

as one of the most destructive air raids in World War II, because almost all the American war planes were wrecked on the ground.

The name Ángeles is derived from the Spanish El Pueblo de los Ángeles ("The Town of the Angels") in honour of its patron saints, Los Santos Ángeles Custodios (Holy Guardian Angels), and the name of its founder, Don Ángel Pantaleón de Miranda.

This was followed by another petition within the same year, jointly signed by Don Ángel, his son-in-law, Mariano Henson, and the latter's father, Severino Henson.During the Japanese occupation in the country, 57,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war passed the town of Angeles.They were forced to join the Bataan Death March, going to Camp O'Donnell in Capas, Tarlac.(From top, left to right): Exterior of Holy Rosary Church, nave of Holy Rosary Church, Salakot Arch, Jose Abad Santos Hall of Justice, Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, Clark International Airport, Angeles City Hall It is bordered by Mabalacat to the north; Mexico to the east; San Fernando to the southeast; Bacolor to the south; and Porac to the southwest and west.Though the city administers itself autonomously from Pampanga, it is the province's commercial and financial hub.

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