Are brooke and brandon from dance moms dating

Kelly: Sure just make sure your home by midnight Brooke: Thanks so I decide to text Brandon back saying I can go and that he can come pick me up when ever he wants then I decide I should get ready for my date tonight with Brandon and I pick out a cute top with some cute skinny jeans then I do my hair and text Brandon back saying im ready and that he can come and get me when he is ready.

Later on at the movies Brandon decides to by me my ticket to get into the movie and I ask him if we can share popcorn so he decides to buy a large for the both of us to share and then we go and get our seats in the theaure not next to anyone so we can do more things besides just sit there and watch the movie.Citing the her high-stress experiences dealing with the world of competitive dance, and reality TV, along with her experiences combating bullying and negativity, Chloe feels she’s learned some valuable lessons that could help other girls.I agree – I mean, she survived Abby Lee and danced another day!A decision Chloe says was largely because Abby mocked her health issues.“It didn’t feel like it was a good environment for me to be in anymore.

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