Atlanta speeddating dating friendship or marriage mohamed from egypt

Most of the men she talked with asked her about her interests and where she was from. “I’m a UGA/Cowboys/Falcons fan, and I want someone to watch football with.” Spencer Weil, who’ll be 96 in December, didn’t necessarily experience any sparks, but thoroughly enjoyed the event.

The gathering wasn’t really about dating or finding romance.

As the event came to a close, participants made notes and ruminated over who caught their attention.

Later, as Firestone and Kurland gathered up the sheets, they were amazed to find wonderfully detailed observations.

Each participant received a blank sheet to list names. As the timer began, icebreaker questions about hobbies and family filled the room.

If there was a spark, or a friendship connection, it should be indicated on the sheet, and if both sides match, there would be an exchange of contact information. Some choose to be more creative, starting off with “If you were a wild animal, what animal would you be?

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