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when you turn in an album, you’re supposed to get paid.When the album comes out, you’re supposed to get paid. When he went to see attorneys, they were able to do the rough math and realized that, ‘Wow. For critics wondering why it took so long for Wayne to realize he was underpaid, Day says that it’s not uncommon at all.The litigious ethos hails back to the label’s beginnings.In 1998, Wendy Day, the founder of the Rap Coalition, was an architect in Cash Money’s unprecedented distribution arrangement with Universal Music Group that’s still lauded today.On January 28, 2015, Wayne sued the label and its owners, brothers Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Birdman” Williams, for million, citing an array of alleged misappropriation, including withholding financial documents, nonpayment for signing Drake to their joint Young Money Entertainment imprint, and reneging on million of a million advance payment for his album hostage.“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. Wayne described himself as a “prisoner” and wrote, “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy.” The aptly titled In a genre that extols the virtue of loyalty, Lil Wayne’s estrangement from the crew he’s been so crucially tied to — as an artist and as a vital talent scout — is almost unfathomable.

Because of the Jas Prince connection, Drake had signed with Cortez Bryant, who was until 2009 the GM of Young Money Entertainment; and Wayne appeared on several tracks on It’s likely Drake felt like he owed his mentor and manager the loyalty of signing to Universal and Cash Money.“[We were looking for] all the creative control and all the say-so over the project… Several news outlets and industry insiders have opined that his surprise release, , on February 13, was a actually an attempt to leave the label by speedily fulfilling his contractual obligations to it.“I got my friend back.”The relationship between Birdman and Wayne was manifested publicly in a 2006 photo of the two kissing. Before they were household names, Baby and Slim were hood stars, representing life and opportunity outside of the confines of the block. They wasn’t that big yet but to us, they were big.” “He was a big brother slash Dad…“I am the only one he kisses,” boasted Wayne on The photo has sparked ongoing rumors of romantic intimacy, which Birdman dispelled in 2009. In Mack Maine (President of Young Money Entertainment) describes the power the duo had over Wayne and the others, even as kids. Baby took on that role as father figure,” said Turk in 2014.mixtape in 2009 and launched what was rumored to be “one of the biggest bidding wars ever” before he signed to Cash Money.Day says that Slim admitted that she was “entitled to more” and then went radio silent when it was time to pay up. “We had to sue them.” It took three years for Cash Money to settle out of court, or as Wendy tells it, leading into court.Day was contractually owed 10% of the initial million advance, but settled for 0,000.

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