Bipolar disorder and internet dating

I saw the value of peer-reviewed journals, books, and online social media.I began to learn about “early warning symptoms” like insomnia or rapid speech, and developed support and self awareness to help me detect these signs before they occurred.The process of writing is in itself the most therapeutic tool I have ever used in my life.

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I started medications and classes, and began to spend time in the world outside.I gave a speech right before I graduated on “Fight or Flight Mechanisms.” The whole speech was about my passion for running cross country and track, of running away from problems at home or in school, of spending my healing time playing video games instead of coming to terms with emotional loss.In short, the speech was about how I choose “flight” as my instinct mechanism.I didn’t want this: I wanted to continue to excel and become the perfect soldier, which is what I had been trained for.I was sinking and didn’t even care that all those around me were suffering too.

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