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His good friend Nasser Traore, a burly, muscular Burkinabe Muslim brother with skin the color of mahogany grinned and shook his head, as if he couldn't believe what he was about to get into...

"You guys are wild but I'm down for whatever," Nasser said, and he took off his blue denim shirt, revealing his muscular, hairy chest.

From the moment Habiba laid eyes on the tall, handsome, well-dressed but shit-talking Somali Muslim brother during a club discussion, she knew she wanted to make Yaqub hers. Habiba basically stalked the handsome Yaqub, until he got the hint and approached her, and actually asked for her number.

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Clad in her birthday suit, the East African Muslim beauty gazed fearlessly at her lover and his friend, majestically tall, and bodacious, unmatched in power and sex appeal.It isn't easy being a tall and somewhat chubby, brown-skinned African Muslim female in North America, especially given the current state of the world.Habiba Melaku tried to balance her civil engineering studies at Carleton University with her responsibilities as the newest President of the Muslim Scholars Association and of course, her relationship with her boyfriend, computer science major and professional stud muffin Yaqub Hussein.They kept the fire going on in their relationship, and then some..."I'm game," Yaqub Hussein said, and Habiba looked at the tall, slender, chocolate-hued and smooth shaven Somali stud and nodded approvingly.

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