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This slaughter house was wise in that method, because it made the atmosphere less stressed. The average wait from arrival was three months, to be fattened and trimmed.

I had gone to bed at nine thirty as usual but after a while I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was a little before one am. I recognized them as sex sounds as I had often heard them after Mom and Dad went to bed and I had peeked a couple of times and saw Dad on top of Mom and the blanket going up and down where Dad's butt would be. But that night, Dad was away on a fishing trip with one of his friends and would not be home for another day. When I was finished, I could still hear the sounds so I walked down the hall and pushed the bedroom door open just enough so that I could peek in and see Mom and Dad's bed in the reflection in their dresser mirror.

What I saw shocked me at first and then excited me.

Mom was on top of the bed, naked on her hands and knees. One was my uncle Ron, Mom's brother who was two years older than her, and the other was a black man that I had never seen before. Uncle Ron was in front of Mom with his penis on her mouth and the black man was behind her with his in her kitty from the back.

She asked me to lift my arms and spread my legs and gently sprayed me with the warm water until I was completely wet.

Then she gently scrubbed me, paying careful attention to my underarms, beneath my breasts, my genitals and between the cheeks of my butt.

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