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My weird maternal instinct manifests itself in random ways, so for god's sake, WEAR YOUR HELMET! She's the shit, and her husband is too, which means I'll constantly compare you to him. You'll need all her siblings' approval to secure her approval. And I'll get even more upset if you don't take me seriously.16. Having worshipped my older sister, and always compared myself to her, I hold myself to high expectations. Because the oldest child always earns attention while the younger one always seems to needs it, middle children have to fend for themselves. When my sisters team up on me or leave me out, I'll expect you to take my side.

So always, always order a second fork with your dessert. So when I say I like your super-soft college tee, don't be surprised when I wear it home. As long as I know you'll be there for me when I really, truly needyou, I'll take whatever time I can get.6. My older sister is fiercly protective of me, and I'm the same way about my younger sister. I can't deny that I've sort of always wanted to be my older sister. Which means I'm programmed to give you sympathy before my unwavering support.13. When I say, "I don't care if we go out or stay in," I mean it. I'm used to going with the flow (and having someone else take the lead — my older sister always did, and still does).14. I'll feel silly when this happens, but I can't control it.

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