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It wound up donated to the Friends of the Omaha Library ten years ago.

Now I get to do an interlibrary loan request and try again.

The narrator has become a black Clark Griswold, a person who now has a respectable job, a nice home, and in-laws who are pretty far removed from the deep South.

He became known for his reticence when it came to talking about himself or his work (one article describes him as "he made Salinger look talkative"), but did write a memoir a few years before his death in 2016. On the sliding scale from horrible to outstanding, Elbow Room lands close to the high end. I got it in the 1980s from the Quality Paperback Book Club.

It's not quite in the top ten percent, but it comes close. More short stories: John Cheever's The Stories of John Cheever. It gathered dust for over 20 years until I decided I was never going to read it.

The repo man is the narrator's equivalent of Clark's cousin Randy.

When he shows up, you never know what's going to happen.

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