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It’s a comfortable all-day hangout that’s doing fine things for downtowners’ lunch, dinner and drinks plans, and it’s now open next to the farmers’ market.If you see a brick building with a green door, you’re in the right place.And when we broke up, that’s one of the first things I did,” she said. She's enjoying the single life and experiencing the same jitters most do when going out with new people. Dallas Green co-vocalist and guitarist for Canadian screamo band Alexisonfire have released a very mellow collection of songs under the name City and Colour.Posting the first section of her City And Colour cover to Instagram last week, Ella tagged the post with just enough hashtags so that Green would actually see it and be inspired enough to leave a pretty cute comment.Case in point: The Grand Optimist-City and Colour (favourite artist of all time) #cityandcolour #dallasgreen #thegrandoptimist #music #voice #cover #singingvideo #singingcover #singing A post shared by ella (@ellasingingvideos) on .“I called my wife, I was crying, it was a really wonderful moment,” he says, adding that he thinks Ella has “one of the most beautiful voices that I have heard in my life”.She's been sober for the past five years, but the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer battled her eating disorder while filming the documentary, which she said was due to missing Valderrama. And the butterflies of that, the sweat on my hands, the fucking sweaty palms.

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“For a really talented musician, for him to tell me that, just means everything.”Ella says she naturally fell into music because of her musical family, and says her dad is the one who first introduced her to City And Colour.

And once you walk in that place, you will see other things, too.

Like exposed brick walls, big front windows and a light wood bar.

You know, I don’t want to get to a point either where it became ‘Dallas Green and the…’ or ‘The Dallas Green Band’.

It just feels better to me to do it this way.”Sometimes is a collection of songs that Dallas has written over the last decade, some reaching back to his teenage years when he first learned to play a guitar.

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