Dan de la cruz global dating

There’s a young woman who lives between California and New York, Meredith Darrow, who helps me a lot. We like to show artists in Miami that no one has seen before.

And also if someone wants to throw a party in our art space, for instance, we tell them we don’t charge but the only way they can make a contribution is to make a donation to the one of these charities.

We came to the States in 1960, and first we lived in Philadelphia while Carlos was finishing his masters at Wharton, and then he got a job in New York so we lived there for a few years, and then we lived in Madrid for a few years. When along this timeline did you become so passionate about art and collecting?

The passion for collecting has been in my family for many years.

We’ve helped so many children over the years it’s amazing, helping to bring culture to over 500 children.

Because Miami is too far south—it’s like an island—and they need more exposure.

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