Dataset updating multiple tables

Course ID, Course Title, Course Desc, Unit, [Hours/Week] FROM Course INNER JOIN Sch Yr Sem Course ON Course. Default View i have also search the msdn for updating a multiple table but all i can see is on how to save a single table only.

Get Update Command() ds Student Course = New Data Set() sda. Command Text = _ "SELECT Sch Yr Sem ID, IDNo, Sch Yr, Sem FROM Sch Yr Sem" sda. Command Text = _ "SELECT Sch Yr Sem Course ID, Sch Yr Sem ID, Course. Fill(ds Student Course, "Sch Yr Sem Course") dt Students = ds Student Course. Tables(1) dt Sch Yr Sem Course = ds Student Course. Default View dv Sch Yr Sem Course = dt Sch Yr Sem Course.

Modified Current)) 'finally submit the deletions from the bottom up My AD3.

i would be very if someone can enlighten me on how to save a dataset that has a multiple table in it. i tried your source code just the update only to simplify my problem here's the source code modified from what you have told me to do.

For example, if you changed a text column to all uppercase, the same text column will be displayed as uppercase in the republished data.

For background information on refining your data, see Refining your data quality before importing.

For full steps to import data from a specific data source, see Importing Data into Micro Strategy Desktop.

dataset updating multiple tables-5

If the data source contains updates to the data already in your dataset, you can update the existing data and add new data.

the following are the 3 tables in my sql database students schyrsem Sch Yr Sem Course here's some variables i have Private ds Student Course As Data Set Private dt Students As Data Table Private dt Sch Yr Sem As Data Table Private dt Sch Yr Sem Course As Data Table Private dv Sch Yr Sem As Data View Private dv Sch Yr Sem Course As Data View Private sda As Sql Data Adapter here's some of the code to fill the dataset Dim scnn NW As New Sql Connection(str Conn) Dim str SQL As String = _ "SELECT IDNo, Last Name, First Name " & _ "FROM Students" Dim scmd As New Sql Command(str SQL, scnn NW) sda = New Sql Data Adapter(scmd) Dim scb As New Sql Command Builder(sda) scb.

my 3 tables looks like the 3 tables from northwind database that has an employees, orders, and order details.

Your data source is updated every quarter with sales information for the most recent quarter.

You can add the most recent sales information to your dataset by republishing your dataset.

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