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So as many of you know, a dating experiment involving our neighbors to the north has occurred, based on the premise stated above.This all started back in April with Sophia’s comment here – (paraphrased): “Well, this white woman used to work at a high end matchmaking agency.

Because there seems to be less of a stigma with online dating, these are just normal men, with professions, who are my peers.

My friend asks her “what type of preference do you mean?

” The drunk white woman says “Well…their preference was…you”. She said it was a problem because they were no black women candidates that this agency could match them up with so her job was to sell them on other types of women they did have on file.

Of course that didn’t work cause men have their preference and a lot won’t be talked out of it.”Thus, the task was simple: create a Canadian dating profile and then compare the interest from Canadian men to that received from US men on a separate US profile.

Dani’s experience: After working with Paul Carrick Brunson (see last fall, I maintained my Ok Cupid profile, but was not having very much luck.

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