Dating blogs for 2016

Try these tips to improve your profile and have a better chance at meeting someone new! One of the reasons I write about relationship advice is because so much of the blogs on marriage give shit advice.I have updated the link to an affiliate link for the book based on the blog.Alisa Bowman chronicled the changes she & her husband made to save their marriage.Seriously, this is one of the best blogs on marriage. A Practical Wedding also features a “Relationships” section with essays on relationships and marriage.It’s a refreshing take on how to survive and to thrive in a relationship, married or otherwise, in the 21st century.

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I’m an infrequent contributor to Role Reboot, so I’m again biased here.

Libby Anne blogs about topics other than marriage, but I love her feminist perspective on marriage and marriage equality.

I’m a little biased because I consider Charlene to be a blogging friend. She recently rebranded her blog to focus more on marriage.

She offers blog posts, interviews, and book recommendations to improve your marriage.

What I especially love is her willingness to write about divorce.

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