Dating cops and fireman

office in July and finding personal photos of Glashoff on the phone along with screen shots of information from the police database, according to the court documents.

Critics said it’s also a waste of investigative power that should be used finding “real” ­cyber outlaws, including pedophiles, scammers and identity thieves.His office released a statement Thursday afternoon: “Information was brought to us, (which) if it were to be true, could be criminal in nature.Out of fairness and individuals’ rights and to maintain organizational integrity, an investigation was begun by another law enforcement entity for the possible criminal aspects.” Capt.The detective said the incident sticks out to him “because it was in front of everybody” and he remembers making eye contact with two other detectives at that time.The detective also reported another time when Glashoff was on his cellphone looking at a personals website, then looked up information in police database before telling Ruiz something akin to “she lives too far out of the area.” Another detective reported finding an unfamiliar cellphone at the 1100 Texas St.

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