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You obviously can't make the choices for your partner.You can't drag them down the path of spiritual growth, and you wouldn't want to anyway.It can empower your partner and give you a sense of how strong he or she is. Everything falls apart around us so that it can be reborn.Initially, it may feel like the relationship is falling apart. If your partner is already a care-taker type, it may be a time where you become more assertive in the relationship.Knowing yourself means actively developing your intuition, and then practicing sharing that knowing with your partner.That tends to mean over-communication is really key, since your partner may understand close to nothing of what you tell him or her.You can't force this change on him or her, but you can take care of your own process to get clear about what it is you need right now and who you are. Most people have no idea who they are, and until you know that, you are unlikely to be clear about how to interact with your partner.You may find that as you get greater clarity that you're with someone who loves you deeply enough that that love is all you really need anyway.

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If a relationship is going to complete (I say complete and not end because relationships have natural life spans), then allow it to do so.

A relationship can be successful if it lasts 1 day, 1 year, or 1 lifetime.

Coming to understand that will help you as you move on if that becomes necessary.

Many people wake up and are in romantic relationships.

It's to be expected because a spiritual awakening can arise at any time of someone's life, but it also brings with it unique challenges.

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