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Explicit images of her were posted to the internet in 2014, and they remain public in a disturbing online forum dedicated to this kind of vengeful harassment. She thought he was the "love of her life," but over time, fractures formed in their once happy marriage.She said her husband was often verbally abusive and controlling.A recent case in Edmonton resulted in criminal harassment charges.An Edmonton man was charged in June after a CBC News report revealed that fake dating profiles and explicit photographs were used to invite strangers to his ex-girlfriend's home for casual sex.

The mental anguish caused by these crimes can be crippling.

"She is experiencing a form of sexual violence and we see it all the time. "We deal with it more often than you care to know." Although there is legal recourse for victims, these crimes often go unreported, James said.

Michelle's fear of reporting is extremely common among victims of sexual abuse, she added.

"There is a lot of fear of what the consequences are.

Not only of what the consequences are for me, but for my kids, and for my extended family.

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