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Atkinson studied journalism at Eastern Illinois University.

Married women were basically considered to be the property of their husbands and were expected to bring a dowry or marriage portion to the marriage.

This would consist of property, money and various goods.

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This earned her the nickname of "Bloody Mary." All wedding ceremonies were held in the Queen's churches and were performed by a minister.While noble women often had house servants to help with the chores and welfare of their families, poorer women did it single-handed until their female children were old enough to help.Marriage was legal for girls at the age of 12 and boys at 14, but it was rare for couples to marry at these ages. Angela Atkinson is a freelance writer, editor and researcher, who has been writing professionally since 1995. Louis Family & Parenting Examiner for and authors "In Pursuit of Fulfillment," a popular self-improvement blog.While you didn’t, technically, have to get married if you were a woman…there were these exciting bonuses to the wedded state: With this in mind, the act of getting betrothed weighed heavily on the hearts of Elizabethan women, and several of their customs live on today.

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