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The story in Beast Quest is set in the world of Avantia, a fantasy universe dominated and oppressed by a powerful mage who has enchanted the beasts of all the continents.

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If I preorder now, can I upgrade to a higher tier later? Defender’s Quest II: Mists of Ruin, or DEFQ2, is the sequel to Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DEFQ1), a critically acclaimed Tower Defense / RPG Hybrid. DEFQ2 is being developed by Level Up Labs, LLC, the same friendly people who brought you the first game! Sorry this process is a bit clunky and powered by hand. *new forum users can't PM for a day or so, so email is the best bet. Simple - you buy 4 copies of that tier, at a 25% discount. If a preorder tier puts your name in the credits, you get a monster in the battle.

Dragon Quest 6 was not available outside Japan until 2011, when Square Enix released an enhanced remake developed by Arte Piazza.

The mobile version of Dragon Quest 6 is played in the vertical orientation, and offers one-handed or two-handed controls as well as a quick save feature. You can watch a launch trailer for the mobile version of Dragon Quest 6 above, and check out the game on Google Play or the App Store.

In Beast Quest you can find a smart combination of game genres.

The basis of the game is that of a third person adventure, so you can move your character freely throughout all the scenarios, find treasures, pick up herbs, fight enemies, etc.

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