Deploying and updating front end database applications

In a microservice architecture each service should be independently deployable.On the other hand we need a way to know where and how to find this service.Microservices allow us to develop each service in a different language and using a different framework.This lets us use the right tool for the job in each individual case but it’s a mixed blessing from the delivery viewpoint.Here’s a list of specific challenges we will encounter: One of the biggest enemies of distributed architectures are dependencies.

On the other hand – bringing up the full system topology for testing just one service cancels out the benefits of modularity and encapsulation that microservices are supposed to bring.Because our delivery pipeline is most efficient when it defines a clear unified framework with distinct building blocks and a simple API.This may become challenging when having to support a variety of technologies, build tools and frameworks.When each service is scalable independently it becomes easier to provision the resources adapted for its special needs. We can for example run a few instances of front-end logic but only one instance of business logic.Unlike a monolith we don’t have to write everything in Java or Python (for example).

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