Double your dating warez

Maybe you were stupid enough to admit you were gay or trans under something traceable to your real identity.Maybe you voted for Trump (a firing offense in some places) or against Trump (a firing offense in others).If you’re a very stupid libertarian strawman, you might ask whether that town had any anti-gay laws on the book – and, upon hearing they didn’t, say that town was “pro-gay”.If you’re not a very stupid libertarian strawman, you hopefully realize that being pro-gay isn’t about boasting how progressive your law code looks, it’s about having a society where it’s possible to be gay.A recent spat on Twitter, which I won’t link: some guy using his real name tweeted an offensive joke about how women should make sandwiches at a group of women.A feminist columnist with tens of thousands of followers retweeted with the comment “This is a young man who ostensibly wants a job someday, tweeting at professional women in his field under his own name…RT to help ensure [REAL NAME]’s prospective employers know this when they search for [REAL NAME]’s name”.All the Reason columnist did was retweet it and add some commentary about how she hopes he becomes un-hire-able. It’s not even divulging a secret; the guy said it on his public Twitter.

Before you answer, consider this: the person signal-boosting you has much wider reach than you do.Not having laws against locking up gay people is a necessary precondition, but it’s useless on its own.You only get good results if good laws are matched by good social norms.We expect this social norm to be sometimes in our favor and sometimes against us, so we want it to be universalizable and desirable under a veil of ignorance.On that note: let him who is without sin throw the first stone.

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