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More than ten thousand Thais had massed at the Ratchaprasong intersection, the symbolic centre of modern Bangkok.They were dressed in red, and they were full of anger and grief.While the Thai people’s respect and reverence for the 78 year old monarch is often cited, the weekend’s celebration was a rare occasion to see — and feel — the depths of this sentiment in person.In his six decades on the throne, Bhumibol had weathered many storms, always emerging with his reputation and prestige enhanced.But over the four years that followed, the reckless behaviour of Thailand’s royalist elite brought the palace, and the country, to the brink of catastrophe.The enormity of the tectonic shifts that were transforming Thailand became stunningly clear one Sunday afternoon, on September 19, 2010.On Monday June 12, the assembled monarchs were treated to the unforgettable sight of a royal barge procession: 2,082 liveried oarsman rowed 52 sleek vessels up the Chao Phraya river to Wat Arun, the temple of the dawn. ambassador Ralph “Skip” Boyce described the 60th anniversary celebrations: The multi-day gala offered dramatic and often times moving evidence of the nation’s respect and adoration for its monarch…

She was dressed in a yellow PAD T-shirt and jeans, with a wristband in the red, white and blue of the Thai flag.All over the country, Thais dressed in yellow to honour Bhumibol, and wore orange wristbands with the slogan “Long Live the King.” On Friday June 9, a million people crowded into Bangkok’s Royal Plaza to see Bhumibol give a public address — only his third in six decades — from a palace balcony. The 78-year-old monarch looked alert, robust and sprightly.Later that day, at the auspicious time of , hundreds of thousands of Thais who had gathered around the brightly illuminated buildings of the Grand Palace lit candles in his honour.In the most public of places, right in the centre of the capital, hundreds of Thais were openly calling their king a murderous bastard.During the afternoon, an explosion destroyed a stationary Cherokee jeep some distance from the fighting, killing Methee Chartmontri, a former police lieutenant colonel who was head of the PAD guards in Buri Ram and brother-in-law of PAD leader Karoon Sai-ngarm.

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