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The older birds' plumage is various shades of brown; young birds are more or less covered with light spots with legs feathered to the toes. microphone on this system picks up many noises that sound much closer than they actually are.There is a road about 200 m away and a railway about 3 km from the nest. The first eagle gave a few calls, and the second eagle arrived (I did not get pictures and the ones I did get are blurry - the cam stream was coming in slowly.)First eagle left, with something in its beak -perhaps the second had brought a food offering.

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In 2009, the square was renamed to its current name – Līvu square.

This eagle is the most numerous eagle in both Europe and Estonia.

Of all our eagles, the Lesser Spotted Eagle is the only one who has adjusted to the human cultural environment, but he still requires uncut forests for nesting and mowed meadows for food.

A yellow National Geographic window erected in the Town Hall Square represents Tartu as one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering.

Because we can, we know how to, and this is interesting challenge for us.

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