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Instead of raking myself over the coals, I tell myself that I’m not a dog and I refuse to go back to my own vomit…and I then think “…” and I move on.This is a very practical, effective tip on how to stop obsessing about what happened.Really incorporate one or two of these strategies; don’t just try for an hour or a day. The dog-and-vomit analogy is actually in the Bible; it’s in Proverbs : “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” I love this analogy because it’s so visual and concrete.If a month goes by and you’re still obsessing, then try another technique. I use it when I start berating or beating myself up for something I regret doing.You were created for a purpose, and you are deeply loved by your Creator.If you can’t bear the thought of thinking about the breakup, then set a specific time to let your obsessive thoughts about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend take over your mind, body, and soul.Learning how to stop thinking about your ex isn’t just about grieving your current loss…it’s about resolving all the losses and disappointments you’ve experienced.In psychology, a popular technique for overcoming obsessive thinking is to wear a rubber band around your wrist.

If you haven’t grieved the end of your relationship, then you’ll find yourself obsessing about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.

I recently went to a half-day grief workshop by Norman H. Grieving a loss is so difficult – and so important!

Learn how to grieve, and what to expect during the grieving process. We must grieve all the losses we experience – even the seemingly trivial losses, such as our favorite quilt or a beloved dog or cat.

Struggling with obsessive thoughts is a sign of unhealthiness in your life and unhappiness with who you are.

You haven’t build your self-image on God’s healthy, consistent, and powerful love for you.

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