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We are good at optimizing, improving and perfecting customer service.

We’ve been doing it for enterprises in all industries.

They also like to troll areas in chat and forums that contain such topics as: Martial Arts, Boxing, Fighting, Excercise, Weight Lifting, Wrestling etc.

so they can compete with other lifeless internet whores for the sole purpose of determining who is the biggest nerd of them all.

No matter if it’s ecommerce sales or customer support, we will focus on boosting your results from good to great. If you decide to choose us, we’re with you from Day 1.

We arrange 1-on-1 sessions to discuss the pain points and needs of your business. We provide constant communication with a dedicated account manager, along with the product training, knowledge and best practices specific to your industry.

Often they have bullshit stories to accompany such shitty claims like "I've wrestled a bear and a lion at the same time, and I kicked both of their asses with ease!

" or "I'm a pro boxer who beat Mike Tyson in a backyard brawl with no gloves!

" They often reply with sayings such as "fuck you", "i'll kick you ass", "your luckee that i cant get you", and the ever popular "where do you live and ill beat you ass".

You’ll hear these two pretty frequently: To work around the time objection, provide value early and often.

If you use this sales script, you’re already doing so in your opening lines.

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