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Boys are supposed to be able to look after themselves, after all. There would be an outraged father on the doorstep before you could say 'sexual assault'. With great aplomb, in fact, chatting easily, topping up her wine, laughing at her jokes.

Anyone younger than 40 treated him as a mate, an equal, but among the middle-aged the reaction was very different. Well, along with realising that you are now old enough to be an 'older woman' goes a desperation to be considered still attractive, despite your advancing years.

Don't be fooled - they are keenly aware of the weapons in their armoury.

When I anxiously asked my son if he had felt threatened by Paula's behaviour he rolled his eyes and replied: 'In her dreams,' then grinned cheekily.

A compliment so backhanded that it's surprising she found the self-confidence to persevere.

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And I know perfectly well he uses what his form-teacher refers to as his 'floppy-fringed charm' to negotiate homework extensions.

The full clip was released on Tidal on Friday, December 29, after he shared a short teaser featuring his wife, Beyonce, and daughter Blue Ivy on Thursday.

Watch @S_C_’s “Family Feud”: PBr Ll P8Crd […] Here comes the officiate … Anna Faris officiated her Unqualified podcast cohost’s wedding in a pale pink dress and Ugg boots. ❤️,” Faris captioned a photo from herself at Sim Sarna’s wedding on Friday, December 29, via Instagram.

And men in general are acutely conscious of how they behave towards young women. Bill Wyman is hauled over the coals even now for marrying the pubescent Mandy Smith.

Even a polite comment on their appearance - 'you look nice' - can earn them a reputation for being a dirty old man. Yet show a 40-something woman an 18-yearold in his first dinner jacket and they would soon be smoothing their hands over his lapels and murmuring how handsome he looks. Yet somehow it is socially acceptable for the mature woman to lust openly after young flesh.

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