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(And unlike with most programs today, users had the option to turn the typing indicator off.) Since then, sheer experience has led to a kind of de facto etiquette for chatting, with implicit signals for when one person has handed the conversation over.But typing status messages are still de rigueur: More information is better, right?We couldn’t enforce any particular etiquette among users, hence the typing indicator. Dial-up was the standard back then, and dropped connections were quite common.(Call waiting was often enough to trigger it.) Sometimes the server wouldn’t realize the connection was lost for a minute or so, and you’d think your friend was typing a long response, only to see them abruptly log off. Once you started typing, your client would send a message to your buddy saying that you were typing.During that time one of the issues that the team discussed was Back then, chatting in real time via text was for most people a very new thing.

If your buddy’s client stopped getting messages, it would remove the “David is typing” message from the screen and replace it with “David has typed a message.” This “keep-alive” method of notification caused a lot of traffic.The end result, however, wasn’t always decipherable after the fact. (This would be the talk screen at the end of the conversation.My wife’s text is in the top half, and my text is in the bottom.) The conversation might be tricky to reconstruct, so here’s the order in which we typed things.will you still* ME: i’m going to sleep around midnight HER: yay!!! HER: when will you* ME: i’ll be back from class at 5.enjoy the* HER: going now ME: concert I also liked the increased focus.

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