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” Hattie studied six areas that contribute to learning: the student, the home, the school, the curricula, the teacher, and teaching and learning approaches.But Hattie did not only provide a list of the relative effects of different influences on student achievement. He found that the key to making a difference was making teaching and learning visible.He further explained this story in his book “Visible learning for teachers“.John Hattie updated his list of 138 effects to 150 effects in Visible Learning for Teachers (2011), and more recently to a list of 195 effects in The Applicability of Visible Learning to Higher Education (2015).“ Watkins age 80 GIBBONS, Hazel age 47 w/o Thomas PERKINS, Robert age 84 h/o Viola (Parker) RICHARDSON, Roosevelt age 75 h/o Clara VANDERPOOL, Ray age 74 h/o Cora ADKINS, Lloyd Arville age 32 s/o E. age 22 s/o Ester/Daisey “ Luke age 78 BURKE, Betty (Perry) HUFF, Charlie age 83 h/o Rebecca (Morgan) “ Odia age 54 SEXTON, Andrew h/o Eliza SILER, Lucy age 82 SUTTON, Ruby F. S./Meada OSBORNE, Harold age 38 RAINS, Garria age 72 w/o Jerry SMITH, Norma Mae (Floyd) age 77 VEACH, Henry age 70 h/o Rachel YOUNG, Ada age 72 w/o Arthur NEW YOUNGS CEMETERY off Falls Rd. “ Elzo” age 43 h/o Lois TRAMMELL, Charlie age 81 h/o Mary (Smith) PEMBERTON, John B. When a request for help with this project was issued, their response was instantaneous and wholehearted. age 67 h/o Bessie PREWITT, Nora age 76 w/o Hobert SMITH, Della (Pemberton) WHITE, Truman age 63 h/o Myrtle; s/o Lester NEW MT. “ Verdie correct dates WILSON, Rachel w/o Preston BERRIER, Charlie Mae d/o Andy/Nannie M. HART, Ethel (Wells) age 61 w/o Ernest HILL, Chasity (Cupp) age 69 MONHOLLEN, Isaac Jr. CANADA, Everett age 61 h/o Dora Francis CUPP, Tom age 73 h/o Bessie MOORE, Brenda age 15 d/o Dora “ Sherman age 80 h/o Mary L. (Andy Lewis) h/o Nellie KING, Donald age 38 TURPIN, Audie Ann (Bledsoe) age 73 w/o Cecil WEAVER, George age 79 GIBSON, Ben H. (Smith) BOYD, Florence BROWN, Kenneth Wayne age 26 DURHAM, Nellie age 82 FREEMAN, Ed age 72 HART, Verna (Robinson) age 87 LAWSON, Nathaniel J. age 40 h/o Annie Marie “ Margaret age 75 w/o Ran “ Nancy “ Roscoe age 76 “ Thomas age 74 h/o Laura (Day) PREWITT, Mary (Pemberton) “ Martha J. Clec age 53 h/o Merle “ Barry age 21 s/o Merle? age 88 “ Mary age 77 w/o Emanuel WELLS, Frank age 76 h/o Mae PAUL, Mary (Raynes?

Un numr din ce n ce mai mare dintre ei cad prad unei forme de diabet care pn nu demult putea fi gsit numai la aduli, dup care sunt ndopai cu medicamente.

Dei cheltuim mai muli bani pe cap de locuitor pentru ngrijirea sntii dect orice alt societate din lume, dou treimi dintre americani sunt supraponderali, iar peste 15 milioane sunt diabetici, numrul lor crescnd cu mare vitez.

Bolile de inim au o inciden la fel de mare ca acum treizeci de ani, iar rzboiul mpotriva cancerului, declanat n anii 70, s-a dovedit a fi un eec lamentabil.

Jumtate din americani au o problem de sntate care necesit prescrierea de medicamente n fiecare sptmn, i peste 100 de milioane de americani au valori prea mari ale colesterolului.

Pentru ca lucrurile s fie i mai rele, copiii i tinerii americani tind s se mbolnveasc ncepnd de la vrste din ce n ce mai fragede.

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