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There's no greater feeling for a man than winning a woman who is tough to win... Hard To Get teaches you how to have restraint - especially when you feel like getting clingy or falling apart! When he calls you during the day to see how you're doing.

When he does thoughtful things for you - just because. We value the things which are elusive - harder to reach, harder to find, harder to get.

It's not a pretty picture." We just love it when MEN say, "I don't want a woman who plays games." We just smile and think, "Yeah, right. I have literally spent a lifetime studying the subject of MEN - and WOMEN - everything from flirting to attracting, chasing, being chased, falling in love, and why men and women fall in love. That same man who never calls you back is quite capable of falling head over heels in love with a woman who makes him feel an overwhelming desire to win her.

What men think they want and what they really want can be two different things! Not being hard to get means that you get to Emotional First Base long before he does. I know what it takes to win a man's heart, and my advice has worked for literally thousands of women who write me every day to tell me about it! This happens even with guys who say they are "afraid of commitment." Somehow when a certain kind of woman comes along, these guys miraculously lose their fear of commitment because they are so busy trying to get this woman into their lives - determined, in fact.

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This theme of human nature has been well known throughout the ages of time. Hi Mimi, I suppose the whole thing boils down to a very old principle: whatever you work for has more value (in your mind) than what you get for free.

When you can't get something easily - it gets your attention. This can even be the make-or-break factor at certain crucial times. If you have to court a woman for three months, when you finally sleep with her, it means much more to you than if you slept with her the first night (independently of the objective "quality" of the sex).

Ultimatums (why you'll never need one) He pursues you - and thinks that it's his idea Why You Should NEVER Initiate the "Serious Talk" With Any Man How to Get His Attention and get him to Chase You!

Hard to Get is Human Nature 101 Why What He Works For Has More Value "He Was Not Going To Let Me Get Away" "Who wants to play games just to keep a man?

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