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I hadn’t even taken any notes during the whole thing. Each individual puts their letter/number combo at the top of a blank piece of paper. The subsequent conversations and blocking were done on OKC. It’s like they’ve never been taught manners or politeness or just plain old being nice!

The girls and guys go to opposite sides of the room. One time I didn’t reply right away and he calls that flaking out? I told him that it gave me a bad feeling and that I didn’t want to continue talking to him. Now remember, the first time I spoke with him was on POF. Frequently during the dating process I run into guys that seemed to have skipped kindergarten.

However, unbeknownst to me while I had been sleeping, he had messaged me again asking me what he said that made me “flake out”. Then sitting there in bed, waiting for my dog to get his little old butt back inside, I started getting angry. Again, a situation in which I didn’t owe this guy anything. So I messaged him again and told him that I felt insulted that he would say I flaked out after not responding ONCE, especially since I had already told him I would be busy.

I let him out and while I was waiting for him to come back inside, I decided to re-read the message this guy had sent me and reply. I replied that I had told him that I was going out with my sister that night and that I had gotten home late and didn’t have time to read his message and reply.

He, having no interest in geek/nerd matters, asked if I would go with her.

And I don’t even know what he said because he was basically whispering the entire time and I was unwilling to lean in closer to hear. The host then asked the boys to leave first (so there would be no awkward accosting right outside the room). After frequently being sent messages on dating sites by men that I would never date, I decided to be completely up front and list my deal breakers at the beginning of my profile. So here they are, as listed in my profile (I’ve given a brief description of each in Some people are Atheists and enjoy friendly debates about religion or are fine with dating someone who is a religious person. I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be with someone who believes in the same things as me. I know I’m making a generalization here, but I don’t think there are many conservative Republicans out there dying to date a girl with a bunch of tattoos, a bunch of piercings, who doesn’t want kids and supports Planned Parenthood and NOW. It is merely what I believe and I put it out there so that some Catholic Republican with 5 kids looking for a wife to provide him with 5 more can just move along to the next profile without wasting his time. I’m down with all that”, I’ve gotten some who obviously didn’t read these deal breakers and merely looked at my pics, and I’ve gotten some messages from people who feel personally insulted by them. Why do you feel the need to change the mind of a perfect stranger? Please to note “the six things I could never do without”. Case in point: I’d been chatting with this guy for several weeks.

They were four friends that were in town for the weekend from Idaho. I’m still unclear as to what brought them to my neck of the woods. Even the host was like, “yeah, that guy was not right.” And now can you guess who put their name and email address on my paper? So during these weeks we’ve been chatting, getting to know each other and joking around a little.

But his whole vibe was of a maladjusted awkward man-child who lives in his parents’ basement. Now the next four dates were basically interchangeable. ” I was not the only one who found him uber-creepy. And yes, I do like redheads, but not enough to change my deal breakers. I’m trying to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. And, why would you bother messaging someone to tell them you WOULDN’T get along? We were planning on getting together at some point during one of his visits.

Which, for a Comic Con, is without a doubt, geek speed dating. I had tried speed dating before (albeit, minus the pre-requisite geekiness), and I did not really enjoy it. This was way more organized than the speed dating I had attended before! But it’s too late, I’m already in the room with the door closed behind me. The rest of them looked like they were walking into their senior English class at school.

The guys were kept waiting outside the room while the girls were taken right in. All the girls look like they are in their early 20s if not younger!!! After the fact, I did find out that one girl was only 5 years younger than me, so not THAT bad, right? Well, I immediately start worrying that all the guys will be totally inappropriately aged for me. The host (who happens to be dressed up as Starlord – hot) comes in and says he went over the rules with the guys and now it was our turn.

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