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Our most intimate data, when it is aggregated into data sets and mined for patterns, is also tech companies’ most valuable asset.

We want to discover and broadcast what makes us unique individuals when we share our likes and dislikes, our daily habits and activities, our tastes and interests, but the companies harvesting our data would rather turn us into types and profiles to be traded and learned from.

The sleeves sometimes only went to the elbow, but often were full arm length, with some covering the hands with a supple glove leather face on the palm of the hand, or even full mail gloves.

It was usually thigh or knee length, with a split in the front and back to the groin so the wearer could ride a horse.

From June 2010 to April 2011 anyone with an i Phone unknowingly had their locations mapped and saved in Apple’s databases, and it’s still not clear what’s become of all those dropped pins and destinations.

The Glass Room is a space for reflection, experimentation and play that provides different ways of understanding how technologies and data are changing our lives.

The Roman author Varro attributes the invention of mail to the Celts.

The earliest extant example was found in Ciumeşti in modern Romania and is dated to the 4th–5th centuries BC.

Your phone can keep your memories much longer than you can.

As artist James Bridle puts it, ‘This digital memory sits somewhere between experience and non-experience; it is also an approximation; it is also a lie.’ The data your smartphone tracks and stores about where you go and where you’ve been has the highest value for data brokers because it gives them a detailed map of your behaviour and your social graph, but it is also an approximation based on the device’s way of seeing and the invisible infrastructure it communicates with.

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