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She was in pain and in no way financially equipped for the medical expenses that lay before her.

But she was also terribly afraid of going under the knife at this advanced age.

Incidentally, apples lower the risk of both diabetes and high blood pressure.

Apples even boost immunity as well as detoxify the liver.

The other half will be for her and her family to get by on while she recuperates from her surgery, since she won't be able to earn during this time. Abhijeet Sen of the famed Drishti Pradip clinic in Jodhpur Park.

She is currently undergoing preliminary treatment from Dr. I will be posting regular updates on her medical care, pictures before and after operation, a breakdown of the costs and any other details that are posed to me. If any of you are in Kolkata and want to pop by while she is admitted to the nursing home, I'd be happy to coordinate a visit.

She would rather bear the pain and loss of vision than opt for medical care. Her family is alarmed for her and got in touch with me recently to convince her about the urgency of the matter.I’m just trying to say that aside from tasting yummy, apples have all these great benefits.Obviously, apples are not magic and do not work instantly.Her food and medicine costs will be an obstacle for the family when she is no longer earning.She still has a few debts left to pay from when she had borrowed to treat her son.

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