Grey grey dating

These kind of combine to give it a well-to-do, peacock type thing. Smells clean, fairly formal and old school - what you'd expect from the packaging. It smells pleasant enough but certainly doesn't blow me away or stand out in any way that I can discern.

On my skin it smells quite sweet after it settles, I can definitely smell the violet a lot (but it smells synthetic), I can't smell the freshness of the lemon and it definitely doesn't smell soapy and 'just out of the shower' as it seems to do to some reviewers.

یه صابون داو هم دقیقاً با همین بو داریم، ولی خب این دلیل نمیشه که بوش بد باشه یا تکراری و خسته کنند باشه ، بر عکس بوش به نظر من بویی ماندگار،شاداب و بدون تاریخ مصرفه.

از چیزای جالبش تفکیک جالب بوهاشه که میشه خیلی از نتها مثل بادام و رز رو خیلی دقیق استشمام کرد.

اونی که من خریدم ساخت آمریکاست و اون کیسه خوشگل رو هم داره.

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This is my husband's signature perfume, nothing beats this,he's been wearing this for years. One of the strangest fragrances I have ever come across.

the only downside imo is the sprayer which is not controllable and u can not spray small doses.

i think it's one of the worst atomizers I've ever seen.

Sometimes i'm sick and tired that women's perfumes are almost always in atomizer bottles!

"The Earth laughs in flowers." -Ralph Waldo Emerson I used to find Grey Flannel cloying.

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