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No, this would fall under your 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights as a person has the right to engage in this type of communications if they choose to do so as long as all the participants are adults, (or they at least maintain that they are).

Roleplaying is a fantasy endeavor and is along the lines of acting so even if the subject matter is not legal, as long as the act is not actually engaged in, then no crime has been committed...thanks Barrister You are very welcome. If you feel your original question and any related follow ups have been answered, I would very much appreciate a positive rating on the answer I have provided so I receive credit for my work.

We host live Campfire Readings, D&D sessions, online gaming communications, music, and writing sprints along with general voice and text chat. We are a pretty laid back crowd, but we do also have a few rules of our own listed at the top of this page.

Rules specific to Discord Come Join the Conversation in IRC chat! Getting Started with IRC IRC101 by /u/creesch has some very useful information.

“We will go after operatives and operations that are more aspirational than operational because to do otherwise would almost be negligent.” At least at the outset, authorities had no way to be certain how much of a threat La Rose might pose, given her resolute conviction and her unique attributes - primarily the way she looked.

The conspiracy included a troubled trio of Americans, each a terrorist wannabe: La Rose; a Colorado woman named Jamie Paulin Ramirez; and a Maryland teenager named Mohammed Hassan Khalid. Her sentencing was recently rescheduled to May 7 from December 19.We host live Campfire Readings, D&D sessions, online gaming communications, music, and writing sprints along with general voice and text chat. Here are the various ways to access the chat room on many different devices (credit to /u/Solar Aquarion on the Hex Chat and Holo IRC suggestions): - Through your web browser: [Just click here]( - i Pad/i Phone/etc: Above anything else I recommend [IRCCloud]( id=com.androirc&hl=en), [Holo IRC]( id=com.fusionx.lightirc) and [And Chat which is the most popular]( - it's free and is the only IRC client that runs in the background on i OS. id=net.andchat&hl=en) - Windows: [m IRC]( - or [Hex Chat]( - or [irssi]( - Mac: Once again, either the link above or a dedicated program like [Colloquy]( - Linux: [xchat]( or [Hex Chat]( In most IRC clients, once open you can type /server irc.then once connected you can type /join #Writing Prompts More server options can be found [here.]( ----- For information on word sprints. Consequences for breaking these rules are up to the available moderators.It might be anything from a warning, to a kick, to an outright ban.

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