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You can turn on your Photo Stream without having the i Cloud Backup enabled and access your photos, while turning on your i Cloud Backup and turning off your Photo Stream will still give you backups of your photos, although it’ll be the ones from your Camera Roll.Using the i Cloud Photo Library means they’ll sync and save everywhere.Apple’s known for its generally easy to use OS X and i OS operating systems, but services like i Cloud Backup, your Photo Stream, and the most recently added i Cloud Photo Library (still in beta) can be a bit of a grey area for many i Phone owners (especially celebrities, apparently).Sure, they may be useful features, but you might not want to save every photo you take in the cloud.

Another bonus is that any edit you make on one device will be automatically saved on all other devices.

What some people might not know, is that you can access your photos via desktop too.

If you’re using Windows, you’ll have to download the i Cloud Control Panel, while Mac users can access their photos in a forthcoming OS x Yosemite update that’ll include a new photo app, a replacement for the soon to be discontinued i Photo and Aperture.

First thing to note: Apple is hoping you’ll replace your Photo Stream and Camera Roll with the consolidated i Cloud Photo Library (I’ll explain more below), but it’s not mandatory.

Secondly, your Photo Stream and Camera Roll are not the same thing.

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