Is a sophomore dating a freshman weird

If you want to contact me elsewhere, I'd be glad to answer any questions you have.

I also have a referral code for that school which I'd appreciate you using!

Actually when people from other places discover that I am from Tennessee and am obviously gay, some have said things like “And they really haven’t hung you yet?

” to which I want to reply “Well, I was hung last week, but gays are impermeable to redneck witchcraft.” but feel that the overwhelming sarcasm would probably be lost on them.

Apparently everyone already “knew” I was gay (*cough* BULLSHIT.

*cough*) even though I, myself, lacked even an inkling in the lesbian direction.

When I say the core math and science courses I do not mean courses like Earth and space science or data management; these courses are generally OK to take online because they are easier and are not prerequisites for any program.

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Being the stubborn and naïve person that I now accept myself to be, I ignored precedent and came out to my close friends during the summer between junior and senior year or in early fall of my senior year.I, however, did not escape unscathed and fell HARD in love with her.We grew apart, she got another girlfriend, and I actually GOT OVER her after a while.I was planning on taking Advanced Functions on Virtual High School, or Ontario Virtual School?Any recommendations or review or anyone who's taken it before or hear things about it? I'm currently enrolled in Ontario Virtual School Advanced Functions.

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