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“He would go from zero to 60 in seconds,” says Isabelle.“After he’d done all his yelling and I wasn’t co-operating, then he would throw something.” The first episode was unpleasant enough – she says that during an argument, he tossed a glass of water in her face.She invited him in for tea, and before long, they had agreed to get back together.After a year and a half of dating Elmer, Isabelle announced they were getting married.

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One night in 2011, when Isabelle wouldn’t come to bed as Elmer requested, she alleges he tipped over the chair she was sitting on, throwing her to the floor and, in so doing, bruising her knees. When she tried to leave, she says he reached for her duffel and pushed her against a dresser.

It angered her so much that she took the gutsy step of fighting to overturn a publication ban – in order to tell her story to CBC.

Much like complainants in the trials of Jian Ghomeshi and Stanford rapist Brock Turner, Isabelle Raycroft is now adding her voice to a chorus of protest that insists the justice system is failing miserably in dealing with sexual assault.

In 2014, she accused her husband of multiple counts of physical and sexual assault.

Isabelle had hoped a criminal trial would bring closure to three years of personal trauma. The case went sideways, in a manner that stunned Isabelle and others.

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