Javascript for validating date in textbox

The second parameter defines whether or not the first input field in the form should steal the cursor focus.

If set to true, the cursor will automatically be moved into the first input field and any user input will be entered into this field.

Please select an option This is a required field Please enter a valid number in this field Please use numbers only in this field.

please avoid spaces or other characters such as dots or commas Please use letters only (a-z or A-Z) in this field.

Filling out forms on the web has never been exactly fun, and it can be downright painful on a mobile device with its on-screen keyboard.

But modern browsers help to make this much easier by providing new semantic input types and validation.

For example 0.00Please select one of the above options. Please enter a valid number in this field Please select State/Province Please enter 6 or more characters.

Leading or trailing spaces will be ignored Please enter a number greater than 0 in this field Please enter a number 0 or greater in this field Please enter a valid credit card number.

For example (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890Please enter a valid date Please enter a valid email address. Please use only letters (a-z or A-Z), numbers (0-9) , underscore(_) or spaces in this field. Leading or trailing spaces will be ignored Please enter 7 or more characters. For example example-page, or anotherlevel/example-page Please enter a valid XML-identifier.There is even more up to date forms guidance on our new Web Fundamentals site.When used properly, these features make it significantly easier for users to provide the information needed, increasing completion rates, and improving accuracy.While Javascript form validation shouldn't be your only form of defense with regards to user input, it definitely improves the usability and efficiency of a site.It can also give your site a web 2.0 feel - which users seem to love.

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