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Mc Alester detectives are also exploring the possibility of more victims.

Mc Alester law enforcement said Wednesday Lawrence had already bonded out of jail.

Both said they were very young, with one telling investigators the molestation took place from the time she was 10 until she was 13 years old.

She reported being assaulted in Lawrence's swimming pool, at the lake and in the janitor's closet at the First National Bank where he worked, his arrest warrant indicates.

According to Lawrence's arrest warrant, the elder did not believe the Kingdom Hall ever elected to tell law enforcement of the potential crimes.

If officials did, in fact, withhold that information from authorities, they too could be prosecuted.

They do not currently place their expectations on any specific date, but believe that various events will lead up to the end of this "system of things", culminating in Armageddon.

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They equate this period with the "Gentile Times" or "the appointed times of the nations," a phrase taken from Luke .They also believe the destruction of those who reject their message will shortly take place at Armageddon, ensuring that the beginning of the new earthly society will be composed of willing subjects of that kingdom.The group's doctrines surrounding 1914 are the legacy of a series of emphatic claims regarding the years 1799, made in the Watch Tower Society's publications between 18.After Armageddon, God will extend his heavenly kingdom to include earth.Watch Tower Society publications teach that Jesus Christ returned invisibly and began to rule in heaven as king in October 1914.

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