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Bracing her hands on the cistern behind her head, Miley began to roll her hips in a circular motion, grinding against Emma’s unwilling face.

She slumped further on the lid as Emma’s nose and mouth rubbed against her; sending jolts of pleasure through her pussy.

As she looked at her own image in the mirror, she saw two feet almost sticking out below the stall door, wearing a pair of blue high heels. Emma felt a stirring between her legs as she thought of the idea of doing that in public.

She found the idea of doing that on a guy disgusting, let alone doing it in a hotel bathroom.

She was so shocked in fact that the mirror fell from her hand and hit the floor, the clanging deafening in the near silent bathroom. Both looked very angry at having their session interrupted. “You will be so sorry, you stuck up bitch.” “Excuse me?

She held her breath as she heard the door of the stall next to her open, and turned to see Emily Osment standing before her. ” Emma was incredulous – she had never been spoken to that way before. “Just cos you’re some high-and-mighty prude doesn’t mean that other people aren’t allowed to have some fun!

Her love of being in control, coupled with the feeling of Emma’s face was driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

She finally tipped herself over the edge, and cried out in pleasure as she shook violently.

She walked up to Emma and gave her a long kiss on the lips, prising open Emma’s mouth and sticking her tongue in. “You two are repugnant”, she said, obviously repulsed by Miley’s kiss.Humping Emma’s face was proving almost as pleasurable as Emily’s experienced tongue, and soon she was moaning sharply as she used the Harry Potter star as a toy.Miley was getting wetter and wetter as she rode Emma’s face, so much so that her crotch, and Emma’s face, was glistening in the soft bathroom light.Still, Emma was oddly curious, and her longing for sex made her even more so, picking up her clutch bag, she shuffled as quietly as she could into the next stall down.She pulled out a compact mirror from the bag and popped it open.

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