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was born to a family of three children in greater Nairobi, and spent much of her childhood moving around the slums of Nairobi while her father looked for work.

After spending years forced to live apart, Jo’s family reunited in 2013 in Kajiado County on the outskirts of Kenya.

Her mother didn’t proceed past Grade 4 and saw no need for Agnes to continue her education. Her grandmother agreed but had one condition – if Agnes was going to learn to read, so was she!Mr Baguma continued: “I was so worried that the doctor wanted to operate on me.I feel glad that he just told me about my condition.“I feel so good and I have learned that I am a human being.” The singer was also told his children couldn’t be passed the disease and now he is focusing on his musical career.Here are some of the ways we do that: grew up in Kenya, in the mid-sized Kiisi municipality.She remembers being pulled out of as many as six different elementary schools by her mother by the time she was in 5th grade, for reasons that still bring her close to tears: teachers who called her “stupid” in front of her mother; beatings with cane rods; being made to sit outside for getting an answer wrong.

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