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Saratov possesses six institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 21 research institutes, 19 project institutes, as well as the Saratov State University, the Saratov State Socio-Economic University, the Saratov State Technical University and many scientific and technological laboratories attached to some of the city's large industrial enterprises.

The building was converted into the children's cinema "Pioneer" during the Soviet period.i am a good looking girl caring loving and understanding. Contrary to their disability, I energetic sociable person, I do not work, but I always find a lot of things for themselves in the household, interesting hobby. i am a very humble girl easy going very friendly and i love to open my heart to the right person. This method allowed the buildings to be rapidly erected in just a few weeks. The name Saratov may derive from the Turkic words Saryk Atov, which mean ‘hawks' island’. XIX century By the 1800s, Saratov had grown to be an important shipping port on the Volga. In 1896 (26 years later), the line crossed the Volga and continued its eastward expansion.A unique train-ferry, owned by the Ryazan-Ural railroad, provided the connection across the river between the two parts of the railroad for 39 years, before the construction of a railway bridge in 1935.

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