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Even though they're 10c cheaper than the local version, they must be removed from the shelves before they kill the local corn flake industry, or the retards starve, whichever might come soonest.Seriously, Willard, wherever you are, do us all a favor and suffocate yourself with a fucking cereal bag.

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" "Because he the Buy Zim campaign would get people to eat him again even though he tastes like ass." Or something like that.And, unfortunately, dog shit is exactly what the majority of Zimbabwean companies are serving up and expecting us not only to buy, but to pay MORE for than the imported substitute on the basis of being patriotic.Let's take an in-depth look at some of the vaunted local products that sell-out unpatriotic Zimbos like me are shunning:, these treats are a delight - if you have polycrystalline diamond cutters for teeth.Because if these learned gentlemen had taken 2 minutes to brief me that they are concerned about Zimbabweans not buying enough local products, I would have given them one devilishly simple but amazingly effective strategy: There is no amount of campaigning that can persuade me to eat a turd.There is no legislation anyone can dream up that can force me to pay for a steaming plate of dog shit.

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    It is one contiguous parcel of land covering 10 townships, adjacent to the Kidd Creek Mine Complex near Timmins, Ontario that also includes the additional 448 claims contiguous to Block A covering approximately 7,252 hectares (17,920 acres) which were staked by the Company (see NR 11-11-24) and the additional 10 claim blocks contiguous in Lucas, Duff and Tully Townships of approximately 2,137 hectares (5,280 acres) that the Company agreed to acquire from Metals Creek Resources (see NR 11-12-01) In 2012, the Company announced the acquisition of 3 additional claim blocks (12 claim units), totaling 192 hectares (474 acres) in the Kingsmill and Aubin townships that were not part of the original land purchase of the Project 81 area An additional 6 claim blocks (84 claim units) totaling 3,360 acres (1,359 hectares) were added in the Bradburn and Calder Twps attached to previous staked ground in the area. announced that it has signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) with Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd ("Spruce Ridge") (TSXV: SHL) to earn up to a 75 percent interest in specific target areas having a size of up to 2,000 hectares (the "Crawford Property") in Noble's 9,000-hectare Crawford Township property, which comprises part of Noble's Project 81.