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There is the Hove Festivalen, possibly the only major music festival in the world where you can bring your own boat; the mellower Skral festival; bluegrass at Risor.And on my last evening, in another white-painted town just down the coast, they are celebrating the Lillesand Days.Judging from the turnout, this jazz, blues and country concert series is just another excuse for the entire community to drink together under midsummer skies.As the sun starts to rise, we drift back to someone's home for nachspiel – the afterparty. " he says, quietly and reservedly, glancing out of the window to where dawn tinges the top of the fir trees tangerine and sea birds bob on the dark inland water.Poetically, Midsummer's Eve begins in flowers and ends in fire.Well, more accurately, the flowers come after a lot of coffee, which the locals drink by the bucketload.

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A few polser (hotdogs) and beers later and we're speeding back out to the archipelago, to where a towering inferno roars heavenwards from the middle of the sea. Across Norway fires blaze into the midsummer night, on mountain peaks and all along the shore.We drift through a log jam of bloom-bedecked vessels, from old wooden rowing boats laden with lupins and birch branches to grand yachts with small posies on their prows.There is a competition for the best-dressed boat, but few seem to be paying attention.Unfortunately, the astronomical date has moved over the centuries and across conflicting calendars to be set at 21 June, leading to long-running over when midsummer celebrations should occur.Sweden has decided to make the date a movable one, in the third week of June so that an entire weekend may mark the occasion.

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