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Seemed like I barely had enough time to check my bag and get to my corral (thank god I didn’t have to take care of other business…may have been no time for that! And as my mile 1 split was only 1 second off from last year’s race, I felt it was off to a good start. Looks like my long run of 4 trips up that hill didn’t work this time, as this mile was about 15 seconds slower than last year, and I had a feeling that it was going to be a tough day.

Just figured I could make up the time on the downhills…and bide my time til Ocean Parkway.

Even though I was not expecting a PR (thanks to my actual half-marathon PR being a complete and total outlier) I thought maybe I can salvage a halfway decent race.

Well, as I mentioned previously-the Brooklyn Half definitely did not go well.

…and given it was a long day, I crashed mad early for a Saturday night and slept like a baby.

But Sunday, and the day after, and the day after that, the disappointment of the day just came back to me.

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) Despite the struggles this winter, once I got over the hump I wasn’t slacking off-little discouraging to be “rewarded” with my slowest half-marathon time in a few years (not counting the ones that were strictly training/MP runs) But I really wanted a race that would have shown that I’m not kidding myself thinking I can BQ this fall…to BQ means I would have to run the pace for this half-marathon for a full (I really don’t think is going to cut it for me, i’m gonna need or better) So not exactly a confidence booster…

) It did help, as I was able to speed up a little bit for miles 12 and 13, though sub-8’s were definitely out by that point.

Finally, Ocean Parkway came to an end and we were able to turn right onto Surf Avenue, then up an evil on-ramp to the boardwalk (which again, definitely felt steeper this year…or maybe my legs were just shot by that point! Evil was taking pictures and had to comment afterwards that I wasn’t smiling whereas others would…um if you were feeling as crappy as I was, you wouldn’t be smiling. But I guess there’s nothing like a Coney Island beach party to drown my sorrows…which may or may not have included dipping my legs in the ocean several times, eating Nathan’s hot dogs, hanging out at Beer Island (which didn’t open til 11 AM this year!

If I had to have a bad race, I would have liked for there to be a fixable reason. There was no excuse for my legs to have just gone dead as they did.

And even though it was humid, it wasn’t brutally hot, therefore I most likely can’t blame the weather.

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