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A small sector of damage near Bealville corresponded to a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), though this intensity rating was not representative of the majority of damage.The earthquake occurred on the White Wolf Fault near the community of Wheeler Ridge and was the strongest to occur in California since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.” OK…

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As a child, I have known families during the hot summer months living secretly in their own houses, to make people believe that they vacationed in a hypothetical summer village or in the city of Montevideo.

inflation-adjusted) GDP growth and what you find is an ugly nonpartisan fact: Reagan indeed tabled a 28% growth rate of GDP for the period.

But look at Clinton – 1993 to 2000: 31.9% growth in a comparable 7-year period. See the data here: https:// As I think I correctly asserted in Wednesday’s PN, the data support the notion that economic growth of the real sort is more attributable to the quality and breadth of life/business-changing technology presently in diffusion, not tax policies except to a minor extent.

If you don’t like it, just very, very, very simple trick I’m going to teach you: If you don’t know, just click on “Block” or click on “Delete” and you will never see anything from me any more. You know that I was going through a lot of bad stuff because of the TV show and some people that they are giving me a hard time.

So, all I did is I just moved from the place that I used to live before, now I am in a different place.

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